Balanced Investments. Based on a Solid Plan.

How Do We Invest?

We invest as uniquely as you are!

  • You are an individual.
  • Your goals and needs are not like everyone else.
  • So we don’t fit you into a category and invest your money as a group.
  • We learn who you are, how you like to invest, and what type of goals you have.
  • We find out a little about your investment experience and what kind of risk you can handle.
  • We discover how involved you want to be in the process.

Based on this information, we use our balanced perspective and years of experience to design a solid plan that is unique to you. This plan will most likely involve investing in a diversified combination of stocks, bonds, mutual funds exchange traded funds and alternative assets. In addition, the plan will integrate your taxable assets with your retirement assets to optimize after tax returns.

Take comfort knowing we value your relationship.


How Do We Protect Your Assets

We ask that you open an investment account at Schwab. You remain in control of your account. Your account is held in your name. If anything were to happen to Stabile you are fine because you still own your investments.

Your agreement with Stabile Investment Management gives them the ability to trade your account, at Schwab, take fees and make limited withdrawals on your behalf.

Each quarter, Stabile sends clients a report. You may compare that report with Schwab monthly statements to ensure your assets are consistent.